I have rediscovered knitting and I like it.
Now, before you think 'where's their rocking chair, shawl, and when-I-was-young-stories' (although a rocking chair would be nice), let me give you some background.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knitting to live or anything. I am enjoying it though. As a child, it was fascinating to see a single thread of wool magically joining together to become something bigger. It was never serious though, and was dropped ages ago. This small off-and-on hobby of mine as a child has now re-emerged itself to completely take over the equivalent of a whole day of my life.

You see, my mother has recently gone into Grandmother Mode. For the last few months she has been knitting jumpers and what-not for her grandchildren over in Queensland (yes, I'm Australian and live in West. Aust.). So avidly has she been doing this that she reminded me of the fascination I used to hold for knitting. "If you want, Mum, I'll knit some for you." Well, no going back after saying that.

Yesterday I visited her, and consquently ended up with some knitting needles and enough wool to knit a toddler's jumper. I started soon after and haven't stopped since. I knitted while visiting, I knitted in the car on the way home (I wasn't driving), I knitted while watching TV, I knitted while snuggling with my SO, and then I knitted before going to bed. After sleeping in a little this morning, I reached over to the bedstand, grabbed my knitting and started again. I knitted in bed, I knitted while watching some TV, and then I knitted while reading stuff on the internet and waiting for pages to load. Heck, I'm even knitting now, during Everything, although obviously not while typing.

THIS IS NOT EXTREME! I just happen to be enjoying myself immensely. For the first time in a while I'm actually having fun AND being productive. I feel great! It seems my childhood off and on hobby was just the beginning for the knitting in my life ahead.

Wouldn't you know it? I went to create this write-up, and my internet conked out. Grrr. Thank goodness for cut & paste and notepad to store your writing. My internet is fixed now, so this write-up is being noded now, three days later. To update: my knitting has slowed down a little, but not by much. I have now completed the back of the jumper, one sleeve, and have started the other sleeve. Yay Knitting!