OK, so we got a trooper pulls someone over, we got a shooting, these folks drive by,
there's a high-speed pursuit, ends here and then this execution-type deal.

Our local cinema has a students' night every tuesday, where old classics are pulled out of their dusty cupboards for a review... This weeks movie was...


... And considering that didn't have a proper writeup as of so far - here goes nothing ...

In short

Fargo is one of the Coen Brothers' works. That automatically means odd humour, and this film is no less strange than, say, the big lebowski. Fargo, on the other hand, has a far larger degree of criticism to society built into it than Lebowski does.

Plot synopsis

In Fargo, Jerry Lundegaard is a car dealer who is short on money, and decides to have two hoodlums kidnap his wife, so his wife's rich daddy will shell out the ransom. Things go terribly wrong, and in a little Minnesota mountain village, and the kidnappers kill two kids and a police officer.

Carl (Steve Buchemi - you know, the short guy. Kinda funnylooking), and Gaear (Peter Stormare), the two kidnappers, turn out not having much in common, and quite some memorable situations occur as the pair do the kidnapping and subsequently decide to keep all the money to themselves.

Why the movie is worth watching

If you have a taste for black humour "I don't want more fuckin' pancakes, man. I want to go somewhere I can get a shot and a beer, and a steak, maybe. Hey, I know this place outside Brainerd where we can get laid." - "Look, I'm fucking hungry now, you know." - "O.K., we'll go get some fucking pancakes and then get laid", and you like other Coen Brothers movies, chances are that you will like this one as well.

A good dose of satire on the police system, ruthlessly making fun of Northern American rural life, and teenage hookers. This movie is probably deeply insulting if you belong to either of the mentioned groups - but even if you do, it is worth a few good laughs :)