Every time I think Hollywood is a complete waste of time and all they care about in an actress is breast size and the curve of her lips, I remember Frances McDormand and am partially encouraged. McDormand is a wonderful actress, one of the few not-cloned-from-a-Barbie actresses who can actually find regular work in American film. She has been in two or three movies a year for almost every year since 1984, when she made her first film appearance in Blood Simple. She has appeared in most of the Coen Brothers' movies, and married Joel Coen after filming Blood Simple (when asked by some clueless reporter how she got her role in Fargo, she said "the fact that I'm sleeping with the director may have had something to do with it."). Although she doesn't usually get starring roles, her ability to do convincing accents(!), change her expression(!!) and actually emote(!!!) have earned her numberous industry awards, including an Oscar for her role in Fargo.

Notable films she has appeared in include Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Mississippi Burning, Miller's Crossing, Short Cuts, Fargo, Lone Star, Wonder Boys, and Almost Famous. Also appeared several times on Hill Street Blues.

Born on June 23, 1957 in Illinois (USA). Has one son, Pedro McDormand Coen.

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