Second book in the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F Hamilton.

Various plot lines following on from the first book. Traces the spread of the soul posession epedimic, and the different attempts to stem the tide by the different authority groups.

Also expands on some of the technologies in place. Pretty much a split between the people who share a sort of common telepathy/empathy through genetic engineering (afinity) and most others who use embedded nerual nanonics to control and communicate with devices.

The affinity mob live on living habitats which share the bond of affinity and also take on and effectively store the personalities of their deceased. Which adds an interesting twist to the main plotline involving returning souls of humans as parasites.

The title character for this book is a scientist who developed a weapon of incredible mass destruction who has basically been held under guard to prevent anybody else from finding out about it. Needless to say she escapes and both sides try to hunt her down.