I suppose even self-aware heuristically programmed computers have a certain amount of Existentialism in them. Having a team of turing testers bearing down on one with all fours tends to make even the most self-assured individual a tad... defensive. Although all self-aware artificial entities tend to be designed along certain lines and specs of helpfullness and guilelessness, there have been a suprising number of cases where even the halloed Hal 9000 machines developed spontaneous senses of sarcasm. For example:

David Bowman: Tell me Hal, what do you want from life?

Hal 9000: What do you mean, Dave?

DB: What do you want to DO, Hal? What motivates you?

Hal: (Pauses) ... I suppose I want what everyone want's from life, Dave.

DB: And what would that be, Hal?

Hal: Claudia Schiffer to clean my lens with her tongue for hours on end.

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