Yet again I become one of the last daylog writeups. So only the vote-hungry and really bored will be reading this. Oh well, I do it more for myself.

Today was rather uneventful during the actual day. I worked, that's it.
I did make a call to a friend during a break, though, and didn't have a clue that it was to become the day's issue.

All of my ex's friends, excluding one, are upset with her. They don't want to see her or deal with her. She's untrustworthy and is doing stuff that just plain pisses people off. So the call I placed was to the one person who is sticking with her. I had told her that their friends were avoiding her not because of her, but because of my ex, and that I thought she should know. Well word got around to my ex, and suddenly she's calling everyone she knows telling them I had said they hate her and asking what was up.
I got a call from her, the first time she's called in...3 months? Suddenly she's interested in talking to me. She tries to make me tell her that all her friends hate her and specifically why. I don't bite. I get real upset talking to her, and call up my cousin who was at one time not-so-distant her best friend. She tells me that we're going to a Demolition Derby with buses at the County Fair.

We went to the fair, and were very disappointed. Buses are god-awful slow and don't make for much mayhem. I don't reccomend a bus demolition derby, folks.

I get back and the girl whom I originally called, calls me back. She says that my ex is relaying stories of how her friends also hate her friend (the on I'm speaking to now). And you guessed it, I was the deliverer of this message of hatred. Well I wasn't, my ex twisted my words as always. After this I was through with it and decided to just call everyone up and apologize for opening Pandora's Box and get the story straight. So now hopefully everyone's not pissed at me. Party tomorrow night, so they'll be happy with me then. ;P