Professor Bobo is the brilliant ape scientist from a future where apes evolved from men on TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000. Working with his colleague, Peanut, Bobo found a cryogenically frozen woman and the apes thawed her and proclaimed her their Lawgiver. In a bizarre twist of fate, the woman turned out to be Pearl Forrester. Pearl layed down strict orders that if the Satellite of Love should ever return to Earth then Bobo should begin sending bad movies to the crew. Sure enough, one day the SOL did return and after some initial shock Bobo sent the first movie.

In the weeks that followed Bobo went about his business in the Deep Ape lab. He organized the annual Lawgiver parade and even helped some neighborhood mutants restore a nuclear bomb to working order (along with a little advice from Mike Nelson, the human trapped aboard the Satellite of Love). Unfortunately, the bomb detonated and all on Earth were presumed dead. However, Pearl had been able to escape just before the blast with Bobo stowed away. Bobo swore revenge on Mike for the destruction of Earth.

Soon after these events Bobo and the others were captured by a race of intelligent brains called the Observers. They studied and observed Bobo and Pearl and then eventually decided to disect them. However, Mike jumped into action and accidentially destroyed the Observer homeworld. Again, Pearl and Bobo escaped, although this time with a lone Observer aboard.

The next chapter in Bobo's adventures take place on a little rock known as the Camping Planet. The big ape singlehanded destroyed a race of pod people that threatened to take over the universe. Soon after a group of war machines attacked and, again with some assistance from Mike and his planetary destruction skills, the trio escaped.

When Bobo stepped out of the Widowmaker van for a bathroom break, he accidentially was sucked into a wormhole and wound up in ancient Rome where he was proclaimed the legendary Mad Goth. Her companions followed him back in time (with the SOL in tow) and mounted a rescue attempt, only to get the three of them imprisoned. During the escape Bobo accidentially knocked over a candle, causing Rome to burn.

After that adventure Bobo served as Mike's lawyer when he was brought to trial for the destruction of three planets. Somehow Bobo succeeded and Mike was placed in the custody of his robot friends, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot.

Bobo took a backseat in the remainder of the MST3K run as he served Pearl at Castle Forrester. During Seasons 9 and 10 he was mainly a background character used for punchlines.

At the end of the series finale, episode 1013, Bobo took a job at the zoo. He is probably still there.