You know how they say to be careful what you wish for? I am feeling that wisher's remorse today. Everything is always so noisy around here. I live in an apartment complex off of a busy three-lane two-way street, so there's always traffic noise in the air. People are always shouting as they play basketball in the court adjacent to my building. Helicopters are always flying over to do traffic reports. My neighbors are always blasting loud music. And then there's this one idiot who drives a motorbike that feels the need to loudly rev his engine and peel out anything he goes somewhere. Now today it's dead silent out there. No basketball players, no sound of traffic, no helicopters, no bike idiot. After reading the other daylogs and seeing what's going on, I guess I can assume that the infestation has reached this area, so either nobody's going out for their own safety or there's not many people left to go out. Lord knows I'm not going anywhere today; aside from the safety factor I have a whole stack of DVDs to go through.

Thanks to an gift certificate I scored $60 in DVDs for free. I ordered up the first season of Angel and the new Star Trek: Generations collector's edition. The original DVD release was just the movie itself, and while I liked the movie that edition just wasn't worth the money. This new edition has commentary from the writers (and they explain all about the film's many plot holes) plus there's a second disc of deleted scenes and documentaries that are actually interesting. For years Paramount seems to have believed that fans would buy anything with the words Star Trek on it, but now as the franchise is enduring a low point they must realize they need to put forth some effort to sell products now. The set is very well-done and I recommend it. Just don't go out to the store to get it. Order via Amazon or some other online vendor that will deliver to your door, and don't open the door for anyone except the mail carrier.