The 2001 sequel to Capcom's Mega Man Xtreme for the Game Boy Color. The game engine, graphics, and sounds are nearly identically to its predecessor, with the key new feature being the ability to play as Mega Man X's partner Zero.

The premise of the game is that someone is stealing the DNA souls of Reploids and using them to power weapons. Mega Man X and Zero set out to stop the eight Mavericks responsible for rounding up these DNA souls. Note that the game never elaborates how robots can have souls, let alone DNA.

The game features three different play modes: X Mission, Zero Mission, and Xtreme Mission. Different modes include different Mavericks to battle, all of which previously appeared in the the three Mega Man X games for the Super NES. Let's go to the list...

After defeating all the Mavericks in the mission your character takes on the final fortress levels and encounters the boss.

As in the previous Xtreme title your character can collect items, in this case the DNA souls, and use them to build new items and weapons, such as hyper dash and speed shot. Other play modes can also be purchases, such as the Xtreme Mode and Boss Attack Mode, which is a time trial style battle of all eight Mavericks in a row.

The game is still easy to find in stores and is the last Mega Man title for the Game Boy Color. The game suffers from translation problems just like the first Xtreme game, which is understandable seeing as how the game was released in Japan as Rockman X Soul Eraser. Nevertheless, this is no excuse for the bad grammar and spelling found in the game.