Surgery is one week away. Exactly one week. By this time next Tuesday I'll have been sliced open, had my intestines tinkered with, sealed back up, and will be sleeping in the recovery room. And after that happens I'll have a week in the hospital to rest and try to walk and digest foods, and then there'll be a few weeks at my apartment in bed. It'll probably be July before I'm capable of getting up and going out to the mall and whatnot. The hospital called today to schedule a pre-op appointment for Thursday the 8th and I registered my information with the office there over the phone. For some reason I slept from 12am-1:30pm today. I guess I needed the rest! My nausea has also returned, but that's been a cyclical thing lately anyways.

I can't say I'm looking forward to the 'ol slice 'n stitch, but it's gotta be done. And months from now when it's just a hazy medicated memory I'll be back to eating my regular foods; no more little bowls of mashed potatoes or a single scrambled egg. Good food will be nice. No more pain medication will be nice. Being able to go out somewhere without worrying about keeling over from pain will be really nice. Being cut open... not so much.

On another note, my computer is having problems of its own. There are grey horizontal ghost image lines on the screen, whites are gray, and greens are neon. I tried replacing the monitor, a simple exterior procedure, but the problem persists. The last thing left to try is to open up the computer case and tinker with the video card; probably replace it. Kinda ironic that the two major problems in my life right now can be solved with opening something up and messing around inside, dontcha think?