The past week has not been good to me. My Crohn's Disease is in full-flare mode again, meaning that I haven't eaten in 8 days and am living off of only bottled water, Ensure, and popsicles. I'm dealing with bad stomach pain, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, and all the other crap that comes with dealing with this chronic illness. I'm missing out on work and college to stay in bed and take my pain medication. As all of this wasn't enough, today I found out what happens...

When Appliances Attack!

This morning I found a note in my front door from the apartment office. It seems that someone broke a water main and they'd have to shut the water off for a few hours. No flushing toilet, no washing machine, no running faucets. I slept through most of the madness thanks to my medication. The water came back on around 3pm and all the air rushing through the pipes proceeded to blow up in my toilet, sending little plumes of water gushing around in the tank. The shower met the same fate, sending rockets of water shooting into the bathtub. When I showered more air hit the system and fired water bullets at me through the showerhead.

Fast forward to 9pm. I go to get a popsicle out of the freezer. I pull open the plastic wrapper and wind up with a puddle of popsicle juice on my hands and at my feet. Please, no, I thought as I checked the other things in the freezer. Melted ice cream... thawed meat... I am royally boned - my freezer's broken!

I call the on-call maintenance guy. It seems that while the water was out someone in another building left a towel in the drain of the sink and left the faucet on, thereby flooding the whole place when the water came back on. As such the repair team was tied up for the night, and the best they could do for me was to scoop up the surviving freezer foods and take them to an unoccupied apartment's freezer for the night. I can reclaim my stuff tomorrow (but where will I put it?).

Now, here's what's coming up: tomorrow the maintenance staff will bring me a beat-up old and busted loaner fridge. It has dents and no handle. In a few days they will come and bring me a new fridge and take out the loaner. As for tonight all I have on hand in some room temperature water and warm soda. Where's my non-fridge food, you ask? Remember my all-liquid diet? Yeah, this'll work out real nice.

In the aftermath of the mass freezer food exodus I was cleaning up the mess left behind. It turns out a thawed cold pack sprung a leak, leaving a trail of blue ooze all over my countertop. I cleaned up that mess and was washing the goo off of my hands in the sink when *BAM!* more air hit the pipes and blew water all in my face and on my t-shirt.

I can't wait to see what happens next.