Acronym for The Crohn's Disease/Colitis Foundation of America. The organization is dedicated to providing information for new patients, organizing summer camps for younger patients, fundraising for research, and lobbying Congress for support of research.

Membership costs and donations go towards the continued operation of the organization, as well as a quarterly magazine. Members also receive a membership card.

The CCFA's website is at

The CCFA began in 1967 as the National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis. It was started by Irwin Rosenthal, Dr. Janowitz, and William Modell who were the husband of a Crohn's Disease patient, her doctor, and the father of a Crohn's Disease patient, respectively. It began as an organization to raise money for IBD research. In 1972 CCFA published its first brochure, "Some Frequently Asked Questions About Ileitis & Colitis."

Local chapters of the organization began to spring up, and by 1978 there were 29 of them (including international groups in Israel and the Netherlands). By 1985, CCFA had published two full-length books: "The Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Fact Book and People ... Not Patients". By 1999 total contributions and revenue jumped to more than $19.2 million.

The organization continues working today. It's latest quest is in encouraging the passage of the IBD Act, a Congressional bill to spend tax money on Crohn's and Colitis research.

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