As moJoe so astutely points out in his softlink, the title of this node contains several non sequiturs. The decrying of political correctness, with or without an understanding of its causes and intended consequences, is not of necessity racist in thought or deed. The very concept entails censorship and the support of further discrimination, whilst the execution leaves much to be desired; criticism can be leveled on these aspects without invoking race.

In fact, if one lacks an understanding of why the movement has come about and what it seeks to achieve (in both the short and the long term), censure can only be directed along these lines.

However, we are all adults here, mentally if not legally (though I frequently have doubts) and one would be hard pressed to find an individual who doesn't possess at least a basic grasp of the aforementioned concepts (regardless of how certain groups on all sides of the fence have yoked it to their oxen and are pulling it every which way).

And what then? Must you cry infidel because we dispute your teachings? Imply that we do not believe in God because we take issue with how you intend to bring His kingdom about on earth? That is bigotry, it is both inaccurate and unfair, and it is the treatment to which dissenters of popular notions are subjected, PC included, as brando states.

Pingouin: I fail to see the point of your article, or its direct relevance with respect to the node title. You seem to be saying that because certain critisms of PC have been linked to racism, that this is the only source.

Psk: To attack the idealistic core of the philosophy may well be evidence of racism, but the bastardised remainder is as deserving a target as the implementation.