To visit a nudie bar or to not visit a nudie bar...this is the question posed to me around 1am this morning by three of my guy friends who offered to take me the Beansnappers with them this Sat. Luckily, I already had plans. After that I went to sleep and woke up later for work.

My fascination with shiny things has carried over into my job. I wash lenses for eight hours a day....not a glorious job, but the hours and wages are good, so it makes for a decent summer job. Anyway, I was admiring some of the lenses and a brilliant new art project idea occurred to me. I decided to take home the "oops lenses" and place them over pictures/quotes/words in plaster to make nifty little sign things. I have yet to start....but the night is young and I have no plans to leave my house. Soon bright shiny baubles will be adorning my walls.Yea!