Recurring Dream since age 8

I'm an adorable fuzzy bear(think CareBear), standing with my two bear friends, one is my little brother, and the other is an older cousin. We are standing in the middle of a large medieval battleground. The two opposing factions, which include tanks(for some unknown reason, medieval factions have tanks in my subconscious) are about to begin charging so myself and the three bears commence running.

As we are running, the ground opens beneath us and we are sucked into a hole of immense proportions. We are falling when suddenly, we are back in broad daylight, inside a round cage made of sticks, suspended from a tree. I pick the lock and the cage evaporates, depositing us upon the grass below. I rub my fuzzy bear butt and the peripheral of the mental picture screen starts swirling into an expansive whirlwind, which slowly devours the image until everything is a massive swirl of colors.

Then, everything goes white and I am magically a princess standing at the edge of a stagnant black pool. I have long golden hair, and a peach/pink medieval dress with a gold sash forming a Y-shape from my hips to my feet. I am gazing into the pool; it is a scrying mirror.

As I stare into the square black pool, I see images of the battlefield where I was running as a bear. Then the image spins and I see my princess self standing by the pool as a large black assasin in knight's armour comes and pulls me onto his horse. I turn to look behind me and the knight from the pool actually comes dashing toward me.

As I am dragged onto the horse I see a vision of myself, the knight and an unknown man standing about a hole of abyss. The mental screen blanks out again, and I am standing beside the hole of abyss with the knight/assasin.

He draws his sword from it's holster. The sword is a long straight blade; like one you might see in a karate movie, and it is the color of hematite. The handle is simple and black with three bands of silver.

I am kneeling at his feet with my arms behind my back and my back to the hole, my feet just barely grazing the edge. He raises the sword above my head when the auburn haired, rags-clad man rushes in. He draws a sword of some sort and they commence fighting in the air above my head, right over the hole. The man in rags flips over the hole to where I am, and the knight/assasin pushes me into oblivion, whereupon I wake up.