A nightclub in Austin, Texas. Located at the corner of 6th and Lavaca at a location previously occupied by District Bar and Grill. Opened sometime in late November or early December 2003. The design style is reminiscent of stark postmodernist Sweden. Lot's of white and metal. Normally, that kind of style is a bit too cold for my personal taste, but here, at least when filled with the glitterati, it works.

There are 3 sections, a main bar in front with some seating for the see-and-be-seen set, a back section with a fairly small dance floor (and yet another bar) and a central section which feels a bit...lacking in inspiration...but probably just serves to separate the main bar from the "dancing area".

The clientele mostly consists of people who are more worried about what you look like than anything that goes on behind your eyes. For instance, I walked into the bathroom and immediately heard, "I never kid about pussy!" Whatever the hell that means. My friend said that the main conversation in the women's bathroom was about their boob jobs. However, the energy is not as predatory as many clubs in town.

The music on the dance floor is a mix of hip hop and trance. The hip hop portions go a bit long, but the trance is good epic trance which has been missing in Austin since most of the good electronica clubs have closed (edit: Sky Lounge has reopened) and there hasn't been a decent rave to speak of in these parts in years.

Drinks are expensive and poured weak, but there's no cover so I guess if you were a teetotaler this would work for you.

Overall: one of the few places in town where you can hear decent electronica if you can deal with the hip-hop sets. I predict it will be gone in a year whenever something newer and flashier becomes the trendy place to go.