An autobiography (or part of one, as it only covers the school years) of British comedy actor/writer Stephen Fry. (The title comes from Psalm 60 and was originally King David saying that the once-proud country of Moab was now so low as to be only his washpot.) It's extremely revealing in some ways; he talks about committing thievery and enjoying corrupting school friends but never tries to justify it or blame anyone else, but he also doesn't really draw any conclusions on why things happened. There are a lot of parts which are extremely funny and so far it's been a very good read -- The Advocate is quoted on the back cover as saying the book is like a long meal and a couple of bottles of wine with the author, which I think is a good description.

Also the title of a sermon by C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) which is available in several places on the World Wide Web and the first few paragraphs of which helped me understand what the title of Fry's book was supposed to mean.