According to the Old Testament and, specifically, the Book of Numbers, Peor is a mountain located East of Jordan near Heshbon. During their "40 years of wilderness wanderings" the Hebrews resided here and the men, naturally, had sexual relations with the local Moabite women. This being the Old Testament, the actions quickly occasioned some sort of old-school plague, hellfire and devil-worship in the form of Baal-peor--a local version of Baal.

In the middle ages Baal-peor came to be known as "Belphegor" and would appear in the beguiling form of a young woman.

Peor became suddenly significant when Balak, a Moab king, hired a Mesopotamian diviner (Balaam) to curse the Israelites-to-be and rid them from his lands. God, however, had other plans and intervened by sending an angel to stop Balaam's ass from making the trip. Long story short: Israelites win again. Check out Numbers 22-23 for confusing semantics and long-winded details...

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