Today was a good day.

Unfortunately I tend to be one of those people that dwells in angst, it's a drama my life can't quite shake. Today wasn't one of those days.

I woke up, got dressed and grabbed a nutrition shake and my keys this morning in a 30 minute span of time. My mind was cheerfully blank of unhappy thoughts, replaced by the hope that today my personal inbox would perhaps contain a request for an interview at a design firm I'm trying for.

The drive to work was gorgeous. It's spring, there can be no denying it despite the few sputters of snow we've experienced. All behind us now, hopefully. The sky was blue, still is, the wind howling with chill tales of distances traveled and sights seen as I left my little valley, and the still sleepy cows, and climbed the mountains. The fact that I was driving a borrowed car because mine has been in the shop for the past three weeks with intermittent electrical problems didn't even cross my mind today.

I got to work, smiled my hellos, slid behind my desk and fired up my Mac ready to work. Seeing my plastic Angry Beaver, Norbert standing on my container of Mars Mud next to my yo-yo ball always brings a kid-like joy to me when at work. These are things I play with when the work is slow. These are things I use to occupy my hands when trying to work out a design in my mind. These are fun things.

It was a slow day; my inbox was full of messages from friends, well wishes on the job hunt, and tales of relationship sorrow. As I made a small correction to a catalog cover I whipped up yesterday I noticed that my co-worker was watching a movie. Night of the Living Dead. So I turned and watched too, pausing to stare at my design trying to work out which parts should remain unglossed by the printer.

I had a slow, creative day at work. Then I came home. I was bitten in the face by the monster, whom I later entertained in the backyard with a bright orange orb of delight. Then I had to scream like a banshee to keep his natural instincts at bay while I rescued a little Starling from beneath his puppy paws. Poor thing. I carefully picked up the bird, amazed at how calm it was, and held it in what I hoped was a comforting manner. Then I walked it to the veterinary clinic. Where else do you take injured animals?

The quick jaunt down the block reminded me of my childhood, when I was considered the neighborhood vet by my peers. I liked to take in the sick and injured wild things. That my mom worked at a pet store and had some knowledge of animals helped, of course. I once had a three-legged frog because of this habit. I currently have four baby eastern box turtles and three hermit crabs that I've rescued in one way or another.

The Starling is ok, in hands more capable than mine, and my day is ending and evening is nearing. Today was a good day. I didn't get a job offer, I didn't get my car back, I didn't bump into some guy who would sweep me off my feet but I saved a bird from a puppy.

I also got another mailer from some paper company in Ohio, this time in the form of a postcard on Benefit Snow Day Vertical 100lb cover stock. For me this is a treasure, the texture is lovely.

Today was a great day.