I held the knife like a dart, unsure of what exactly I was doing. The cool breeze blew around my exposed legs, clad only in little green shorts. I was barefoot, standing on the concrete slabs in my front yard that the garage sat on, and facing a laburnam tree.


Years ago I had feared this tree. My mother had told me it was poisonous, but had failed to point out you had to actually eat part of it to become ill, so I would hold my breath when I passed it, terrified I'd inhale a deadly seed. What I was doing now was not in any sense out of revenge however, I was simply a bored child on a summers day, and like most my age, wanted to become a ninja.


I went to pluck the knife out from its position lodged in the solid tree trunk, held by only a few milimentres of blade, and retreated back to where I was standing.


This throw, the knife hit the trunk backwards by its plastic handle and bounced off into the grass near my feet. Deciding the remedy for this was a faster throw that would cause it to rotate more times, I brought my hand up behind my head and threw with all my strength. Handle first the knife struck the trunk, bouncing back with more energy before, and embedding itself half an inch deep into my tanned calf.

Yeah, there's a trick with a knife I'm learning to do. I haven't quite mastered it.