This is the song that got me interested in electronic dance music... a long journey!

More trivia.....

The voice at the begining that asks the immortal question, "What were the skies like when you were young?" is LeVar Burton, aka Geordi LaForge of Star Trek fame, in his role as host of Reading Rainbow, a show on children's books on PBS. He's interviewing Rickie Lee Jones for the show.

There are several remixes out on vinyl, and one CD set of remixes that I know of. I also have a single-side white label remix called Little Fluffy Remix, that I suspect might be Danny Tenaglia. Who knows. My favorite remix is the Adam Freeland Tsunami mix, for its deep bass weirdness, though I also love love the Inner Master Mix.

When my daughter was very little, she called the song the Bilp-Bilps. If you know the song, you know why.

And I know the truth of it..... you might still see it in the desert.