won't you join us we're drowning in obscurity but the water is lovely

Besides being the chemical formula for sulfuric acid, h2so4 (in lowercase) is also a zine based in the Emerald City of zines, San Francisco. h2so4 has been published twice yearly for seven years, and has garnered two Alternative Press Award nominations. Somewhat akin to the now-defunct bOING bOING (which introduced me to it), but a step back from the lunatic fringe, h2so4 is largely a review and editorial zine. From their website, www.h2so4.net:

"h2so4 is an experiment in textual alchemy, (...) dedicated to provoking thought on politics & philosophy, art & love, without thereby giving up the potential to delight, amuse and entertain. In h2so4 you will find the serious & the silly, arcane & mundane, separately or on the same page, each never making excuses for the other."

I will admit that their self-description may come across as a bit pretentious. But nonetheless, permit yourself to peruse some of the articles they offer online. At the time of my noding this, I found these verbal victuals presented to me:

Is this not the stuff dreams are made of? I read through the articles, and came out finding them clever, funny, and, yes, thought-provoking.

Interested? No?

Well you should be!

Write! P.O. Box 423354, San Francisco, CA, 94142
Email! js@h2so4.net (Jill Stauffer, Head Honcha of h2so4)
Subscribe! Order online (via PayPal): www.h2so4.net/order.html or send your credits to their address. $8 for a two-issue year, $18 for five issues. Back issues $4 each (usually - some of the really old ones are $5.)

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