Though it is an interesting idea, I'd like to see if you could actually pull it off. It surely isn't as simple as changing your alias and saying you're female. It's not like the only differences between males and females are whether they have an innie or outie between the legs.

Personality is rather gender-based, I believe. And many personalities are rather clear on if they are masculine or feminine, and it seems like it would be difficult or impossible to hide it. Of course, it depends on where you are - an online game full of hormone-crazed teenage boys will go nuts if you just say you're female, without really giving it any analysis. A more balanced forum, and especially a place such as Everything, where it's all about writing and that's where our personality is most evident, is more likely to be able to construct a realistic image of who's on the other end.

Our lives create who we are, and the life of a person is very much affected by the gender.

I don't know why the heck I did this so seriously. Oh well...