This happened when I tried a "sociological experiment" several years ago on a BBS I frequented. The experience left me question my own motives as an onliner talking to girls I barely know. The experience turned me into a more sensitive man, one who understands the point of view of women on the internet and women in general. I've discovered that there is fear inherent in most females out there whether on the streets, online, in the gym, etc.. Guys who "think" they can "pickup" and "score" with women and behave in a certain slimey way should think again. Women do not want guys like that - guys acting sensitive who are not by nature sensitive. Exposing their sensitive side for the sake of some ulterior motive. Some of these guys really have to clean up their act and become (for real) a human instead of an animal.

..see also Desperate guys who 'talk' me for no apparent reason.

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