I have always been crazy about horses. When I was little, my family lived in a subdivision, so my parents let me take riding lessons at a stable close by (to keep me from driving them to insanity asking for a horse). This kept me happy for a while, but then I decided that we should move to a place where I could have a horse. So my parents reluctantly started asking others at the stable about the joys of horse-ownership. One particular guy had had a horrible time, apparently the horse was always sick and the vet bills were astronomical. Unfortunately, this guy made a big impression on my dad. So, I learned the one fact that has remained in my dad's mind about horses ever since.

"Baby, a horse is an animal looking for a way to die."

Of course I was hurt, but thinking about it now, the way he said it was amusing - he was completely convinced. And I am still getting a horse as soon as I get away from this damned city living.