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Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it. - Scully
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I am a former Kinkoid, and at one point a member of the Wonkoalition. Don't know who is still around though. Who knows, I may still be a member. Anyway. Beware of people with pale blue eyes, as they will seduce you and then proceed to break your heart - several times, if given the chance. I always feel like I am lying if I don't tell people that I am a lesbian. Now you know, so I feel better. Don't know why I feel that way, but I love to be honest with people. It keeps me sane.

I am a big fan of both "The X-Files" and "Xena." I also like Law & Order and Crossing Jordan. Most TV I could totally do without. I grew up reading Walter Farley's "Black Stallion" series, as well as the Hardy Boys. I remember reading the Ramona Quimby (Judy Blume) books and not really connecting with the protagonist. I identified more with the boys. Now I read the Harry Potter books (I don't care for the movies) and Dune. I like shows and books that require me to actually put things together and use my brain. I love puzzles.

I am a major typography geek. I'm the one sitting in the restaurant engaged with the menu not for the contents, but for the typeface used and how well it is set. I'm the one naming fonts on billboards as I drive. Or refusing to buy something because the 'designer' has chosen to use Comic Sans on the package. See? I told you. Geek. I'm quite happy, though. The latest book in my arsenal is "Eats, Shoots, & Leaves" by Lynn Truss. I revel in my nerdiness.