Common uses for Greek symbols in math and science:

Greek letters were introduced into math and science long ago to supplement the usual Roman letters. Generally greek letters denote some type of variable or static constant. Occationaly it will be an operation (like summation). Introducing Greek letters into math wasn't as strange to mathematicians or scientists as it may seem. Most scholars at that time had learned some Greek or Latin.

Common uses in Math and Science:
α - Angles, acceleration, area
β - Angles
γ - conductivity, specific gravity
Δ - increment, decrement
ε - Dielectric constant
E - energy
Ζ - Impedance
η - FM Modulation index
θ - Angles, time constant, temperature
λ - wavelength, conductivity
μ - Micro(prefix), amplification factor
ν - Frequency
π - Circumference รท Diameter (3.14159...)
ρ - Resistivity, reflectance
Σ - Summation sign
τ - Time constant, transmittance
φ - Angle, radiant power
ω - Angle, angular frequency
Ω - Solid Angle, resistance (ohms)

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