I have just left the worst lecture in history (In my opinion). The entire third year Master of Engineering class at University of Southampton received a lecture from some HR bird about how to do HR.

It got off to a bad start with the question "Hands up who has worked for a company before?". Not only is this question vacuous, but every single person receiving the lecture is required to obtain an internship in their summer holidays. Worse, the same person had given this lecture for the two previous years.

The content of the lecture was basically about how to manage manual labourers, who, at Proctor&Gamble, don't even merit the title "Staff": staff are the white-collar workers. Given that the point of them realeasing one of their valuable coffee-drinkers to lecture us is to persuade us to take recruitment material from them, advertising that a section of their staff have a sub-human rating is not the best way to make us want to work for them.

Fatigued by buzzwords and vague statements, half the engineers rushed to sign the attendance form at the end of the first half of the lecture, and left, to attend to more productive things. Or e2.