I am in an irrational mood.

I had compsed a very nice little writeup for the Misfits of Science node yesterday when all hell broke loose. All that brilliance, now gone, vanished, never to return.

Perhaps this is just as well.

In any event, I am now of the mood to create a new writeup for myself, but am very drained from my email correspondence with Jaez, in which I have tried to be rational and eloquent, but have failed quite miserably. In short, I have little to say. The day (since this is in fact a "daylog") has been quite uneventful. But this is where the irrational part comes in.

Many have been the comments against Professor Pi's statistical analysis and level-related reengineering thoughts. But in all the furor, one point in favor of the proposed changes has been missed.

I stand to personally benefit.

Yes, gentle noder, I am one of the few that would gain two levels in the restructuring. And dammit, I want to put a f*ckin' picture on my homenode (hell if I know why--does a salmon know the why?). "But wait," you say, "aren't you being a little conceited?"


"But am I not the Rook?" he asked, conceitedly adding the definite article, "May I not therefore crow?"

Please think of me when you make up your mind. Do you really want to see a picture of me? Do you?? Must I remain forever shrouded in mystery???

Gimme gimme gimme