I have heard it said that children are the true litmus test of human nature. The fact that they squabble, bicker and fight over the slightest increase or decrease in comfort would seem to indicate that we have usurped our place in the circle of life. When I was much younger and children’s toys were still made out of metal I witnessed a young boy playing in the sandbox at a day care facility. He was happily digging holes with a small garden trowel. A young girl approached and attempted to remove the trowel from his grasp for her own pleasure. Before anyone could react the boy jerked the tool back and lashed out at her. He brutally clubbed her over the head twice before she fell to the ground and attendants managed to stop his tirade. The first blow from the edge of the trowel had deeply lacerated her brow down the front of her forehead. The second blow glanced off the side of her skull and nearly removed her ear. This all happened at a day care center run by the local church. Presumably the people who brought their kids here practiced a little more restraint and provided a better example for their children. And yet, here was a boy less than six years old who had nearly killed a girl in a fit of rage over the loss of a toy. This kid wasn't really old enough to have picked up murder yet, I'm sure he didn't understand the repercussions of his attack. His actions were almost entirely instinctual. He had fallen prey to his human nature, which is really no different than lion nature or monkey nature. We are first and foremost mammals. Any distance from our animal instincts has only developed in the last thirty or forty thousand years. Previous to that we were just as wild as any other animal for millions of years. It's great that as a species we are finally starting to overcome these tendencies towards animalistic brutality, but unfortunately our children will always display the worst of these habits until they begin to adopt the behavior of a nurturing environment and start to function as a productive member of society.