A strategy game made by Mindcraft around 1994. The game idea involves a map of a castle which you must either defend or conquer, depending on your side. The character types were loosely based on those of fantasy RPGs, including elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, etc., with skills of archer, warrior, berzerker, engineer, etc. The goal of the game is the capture the flag concept, where you must either keep your home flag up for 20+ days (if defender) or keep your opposing flag up for one full day (if attacker).

Nearly all the sound effects in this game were taken from the Terry Gilliam movie Time Bandits.

The game was written by Larry Froistad. It was given away for free in an issue of Interactive Entertainment, a short-lived CD-ROM magazine. The game has a built-in level editor.

This game is best known for its two joke character classes: War Chickens and Battle Cattle.