Also useful in a medieval siege: a fire-resistant wooden tower on wheels. Shield the front, load your soldiers in the back, and have them climb up a ladder to the top of the tower. When you push the thing up to the walls of the fortress/castle/city, your soldiers can spill out at the top of the walls instead of climbing them.

Make sure to fireproof the tower very well. One flaming arrow can ruin your entire day.

Ages of Empire II: Ages of Kings
Tip: Siege Battering Rams

If you have the resources (loadsa wood and gold) build 100's of Siege Battering Rams (fully researched) and send them to your desired target's encampment. It also helps to build your Siege Factory as near as possible to their encampment, as the rams are rather slow.

Most siege weaponry were not anti-personnel (with exceptions, such as the nasty manticore). They were designed to breach a fortified structure. Cannons were also classified as siege weaponry. When the occupant of the structure surrendered, it was customary to knock a large hole in one or two of the walls, or to have men dig under part of the structure to have it collapse.

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