Warning: Possible spoilers below:

The Waste Lands is the third part of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Roland and his new companions Eddie and Sussana Dean set off on the next leg of the journey to find the Dark Tower. Along the Path of the Beam, they encounter a third door. This door is unlike the other two as it is actually inset in the ground rather than standing. Also, Eddie Dean draws this door himself and unlocks it with a key that he has carved from wood. The third draw is Jake, the boy from The Gunslinger.

What ensues is a bizarre trek across Mid-World toward End-World through the wastelands. The crew must navigate Lud, a broken down city inhabited by crazed people who sacrifice themselves to Blaine, a lunatic train. Roland et al hop aboard Blaine to quickly traverse the wastelands, but find themselves in dire trouble as Blaine informs them that he intends to commit suicide with all on board... See Wizard and Glass.