OK, so the creepy hotel attendant has just shown you to your room, and all you want to do is relax, enjoy your privacy and do some naked jumping jacks. But! That mirror... could he possibly be... watching you?? Is he perhaps... eating stale doughnuts while... breathing hard and sweating and... sitting up very straight and... staring with eyes locked wide open and... filming... and breathing... MY GOD IS HE WATCHING ME RIGHT NOW???

Two-way mirrors, folks, you never know when they're going to be your one-way ticket onto somebody's freaky website. At least, you never know until you read this node. There is a very simple test to determine whether you're just looking into your reflection or into a federal agent's Patriot Acting eyes.

Just extend your index finger. If you don't have an index finger, borrow somebody else's. Put the tip of your finger on the glass of the mirror. On a normal, God-fearing, red-blooded one-way mirror, there will appear to be a small amount of space between your finger and your finger's reflection. IF! on the other hand, the mirror is a Satanic, communistic, terrorist-sympathizing two-way mirror, your finger will appear to touch your reflection. That's it folks. And remember, if by this or any other means you discover that you're under investigation as a possible threat to national security, you're not allowed to inform anyone that you are being investigated. Thanks Bush, we didn't much care for the whole freedom thing anyway.