My favorite album cover of all time. Look at all those Mona-Lisa-smiling, saried women gathered, wielding their mudras and prayer beads, a colorful circle of protection, ballsy, REALLY ballsy (like you), sharp curving blades protecting you and yours from that which is NOT love, obscene, kicking the demons’ asses again and again (they are SO fucking persistent those demons, so many cloven-hoofed little reptilian asses, so little time--and where the F is the Badger when you need him?) doing your bidding (like I will when I see you again).

I think we may have both listened to this album at around the same time. Both unknown to each other. Me sitting in the college library pretending to do work, you shut in your room, maybe drawing to the music. I thought I was suffering, but I didn’t know shit about suffering, really. Just low-grade college ennui—well, maybe a little more than ennui. And you were raging a real war, 5-6 miles across town. I like the possibility that we could have somehow been connected listening to this at exactly the same time, at least once.