Ten years ago, these crack commando noders were sent to the bush leagues for a node they didn't write.  These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Holland, MI underground.  Today, still wanted by the Content Editors, they survive as noders of fortune.  If you have a professional wrestling problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe /msging E2Wrestling can help.  (That's our brand spankin' new usergroup.  /msg me if you want to see something noded or you have a question. I'll relay your message to the group.)


Owner: RimRod
Financial Backer: Jet-Poop
Seasoned Veterans: holliman, Orange Julius
The only guy in the Coalition who can do a Swanton Bomb: Devon_Hart
Ill-considered import from a lesser federation: bol
Keeper of the Metanode: Mitchevious
Guardian of Stephanie McMahon's Underwear Drawer: FastEddie
Token '80s era Evil Japanese Manager: fhayashi
This space unintentionally left blank: Davidian

Noted fans: Quizro, Uberfetus, wharfinger, Bacchon, Phillis Stein, graceness, beldin, jaubertmoniker, WickerNipple, sleeping wolf  (We at the EPWNCOD thank you for your support.)

Yossarian says, "I thought my School of Badassary was tough until I ran into THESE guys!

Dannye says, "Even I can't nuke the stuff they write!"

jessicapierce says, "Awww, these guys are so cute I just want to shmuggle them all day, pookins!"

dem bones says, "The who to the what now?"

If you feel you should be on our roster, /msg me and tell me why in 255 characters or less.  Steroid users need not apply.