Name of a card game suitable for the young, the bored and the restless. Take a set of cards consisting of pairs of cards (e.g., all the black cards of a deck, so you'd match the queen of spades to the queen of clubs), shuffle them, and place them face down on a surface. Each player then turns over one card, and then another. When a pair of matching cards is revealed, the player collects that pair; if the cards don't match, they are turned over again. The modification may come if the player has to shout ``snap'' to claim a revealed pair of cards. The game is won by the player with the most pairs when all the cards have been collected.

The solitaire version, without the shouting, has the goal of finding all the pairs with the least number of turns. A version of it can be found on some cellphones, including the Nokia 6188, which calls it ``Memory.''