Go West are PETER COX (vocals, guitars and keyboards) and RICHARD DRUMMIE (keyboards, vocals and bass). Their music a British pop mix. Go West dissolved in 1993 with each of the members doing their own projects. Peter recorded 'I Only Have Eyes For You' with ex-Snap vocalist, Niki Haris for the soundtrack of the Whoopi Goldberg film, 'Corinna, Corinna' in 1994.


  • Aces and Kings: The Best of Go West
  • Go West (the album)
  • "Go West" has endured for (at the time of writing) over twenty years as a gay anthem. It is a song of great celebration and positivity, and is loved by millions of people across the world.

    The song was written by the great disco songwriter/producer team of Jacques Morali & Henri Belolo (who were the creative force behind The Village People), & Victor Willis(the member of The Village People who played the policeman).

    The obvious subtext of the lyric is as an exhortation to travel to California, or at least the "California of your heart".

    The song has been recorded by several artists, most notably The Village People (the original), and the Pet Shop Boys

    Go west" is slang, or a euphemism, for "to die", "kick the bucket", "go tits up", "cash in", "expire". While the exact origin of this term is unknown, it is probable that it originated during the European settlement of the western parts of North America. Another theory states that the origin is more related to the fact that the sun sets in the west.

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