Sadly, The Dead Milkmen are no longer touring together, or making music, and have no plans to do so at any time in the future. The guys are all still friends, and the band is not technically "broken up", but the wear and tear of 10 years of solid touring has caused them to all go their seperate ways.

The DM's lineup has changed here and there between albums, and band members have also changed names multiple times between albums. However, at their core, the Milkmen were four:

Dean Clean: Currently playing in The Big Mess Orchestra and collaborating with Joe in his band Butterfly Joe.
Dave Blood: Attending graduate school at a midwestern university, majoring in Eastern European Studies.
Joe Jack Talcum: Playing with two bands currently, Butterfly Joe and The Low Budgets. Butterfly Joe has a CD available.
Rodney Anonymous: Rodney and his wife have a band called Burn Witch Burn, who released a CD last year.

The DM have the following albums available, excluding singles, bootlegs, and such as that. You should buy them all.

Big Lizard in My Backyard-First commercially available LP.
Eat Your Paisley!
Bucky Fellini-My personal favorite, start with this one.
Metaphysical Graffiti
Soul Rotation-Out of print, hard to find.
Now We Are Ten-Self released, and extremely hard to find.
Not Richard, But Dick-Out of print, hard to find.
Chaos Rules-Live album
Stoney's Extra Stout(Pig)-Last studio album
Death Rides a Pale Cow-Greatest hits collection