A four-CD box set of songs by R.E.M., released exclusively in Germany in November 1993. The object was to collect several of "R.E.M.'s other songs", the B-sides and soundtrack recordings which (for the most part) weren't available on their albums.

The CD's are all short, each one four or five tracks apiece centered around a particular theme. S'good stuff, but good luck finding a copy.

1: Vocals

  1. It's A Free World Baby
  2. Fretless
  3. Chance (Dub)
  4. Star Me Kitten (Demo)
2: Instrumentals
  1. Winged Mammal Theme
  2. Organ Song
  3. Mandolin Strum
  4. Fruity Organ
  5. New Orleans Instrumental No. 2
3: Covers
  1. Arms Of Love
  2. Dark Globe
  3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  4. First We Take Manhattan
4: B-sides
  1. Ghostrider
  2. Funtime
  3. Memphis Train Blues
  4. Pop Song '89
  5. Everybody Hurts (Live MTV Awards 1993)

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