A while ago, maybe one of the early 2.x versions of Winamp had a running counter of how many hours total you listened to Winamp, and how many times you opened the program. I wish they'd kept that in for future versions, alas and alack. And no one's mentioned that in 1999 I believe (?) Nullsoft was purchased by AOL for an insane sum of money. I believe Justin Frankel, the founded and lead programmer got something like $98 million. In addition, Nullsoft also made the Shoutcast server thingy, which let lots of people make their own pseudo-radio stations right online. Geek radio at it's best. Also, Nullsoft has released a visualization plug-in for Winamp that removes the ads from AOL's Instant Messanger, or AiM. All this wackiness and he's still employed at everyone's favorite ISP. He's one of my heroes. ;)

Update 1-13-2K2: Okay, apparently Mr. Frankel only got something like $400,000 - $500,000 for his "company". Doesn't matter, he's still my one of my heroes (if only a lot poorer now).