I met Pete at Dragon Con 2000 in Atlanta at the Sluggy dinner thingy he put on, and I gotta say he is one ultra cool dude. Very polite and friendly, he didn't hesitate to talk with all us fans, he was even brave enough to step up and take pictures with us.

Since Pete's never put a picture of himself on the website, I can report that he stands about 6' tall, has a slight beer belly, and has a widow's peak where his hair's receding. Really nice and fun guy, I bet he'd be really cool to play videogames with. He gets behind on his comics occasionally (enough where there was a "Sluggy Freelance is missing" plot about it last year), but his writing is always right on the mark with its randomness and funny, and his art's gone from being tolerable in the old days to being wonderful currently.

Hopefully someone will offer this man a boatload of cash and he'll do a Sluggy cartoon of these days.