In Sluggy Freelance (an online comic by Pete Abrams), this is a lost city where Torg's christmas gift to Zoë came from. The legend behind the necklace goes something like this:

Short version. A typical warrior-hero-guy named Kron secretly loved Sipaniana, token-wife-number-thirty of meanish king-guy named Terohtep Farahn. That old forbidden love story.

Kron went to the "Moon twin", maker of fine magic objects, and pulled in a favour to get some magic to give them some private time.

Farah was a jealous paranoid dude and had Sipaniana guarded at all times. Her only peace was in the raoyal stables. She liked her camels, and Kron could ger in and out of the stables easy enough.

He was able to use the necklace from the Moon Twin to turn her into a camel and sneak her out, now and then, old Farahn none the wiser.

7 Jan 2001 Sluggy Freelance

With that much setting up, I reckon that we'll be seeing Mohkadun in the comics again soon....

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