Rotating Food v1.1 is done. The trailers for it have been played on PCA, as well as the documentary about the making of 48hr movie. There were several screenings, all over Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

Son of Rotating Food, aka the Somewhat Rapid Movie Project, is currently (early/mid December 2002) in progress. Check out for details, in real time, as the filming goes down.

Just for historical reasons here are the dates and times I can think of that "Rotating Food", and/or "The Making of Rotating Food" played (along with dates and approx number in attendence):

It is important for me to seperate the differnece between "Rotating Food: the 48 HR Movie" and "Making Rotaing Food". But it is even more important for me to diferentate between this and the more recent movie Do You Copy?, which was made in a condensed period of time, but not 48 hours. (origionally we tried to hold ourselves to 48 hours of total working time but we found that we more than doubled that once we counted editing time, but we did keep the preproduction and production time to under 30)