The scrap of paper i found in my office today 4/25/04 as i cleaned my office cause the cat has been away but this mouse aint unemployed yet...

this was writen on the back of a (ugh, evil producted) map in New Orleans on cinco de mayo 2003 as i toured the city specifically the Vieux Carre... if you know what that means
First stare out of Sheridan Hotel

The Everything Store... a funny smell than a rat runs across the floor

the art of deceptive advertising permiates ever nook and my time will not be spent spending money.
I will make Denny's drunk

I forgot all the public urination jokes I make. They are ALL funny.


Drunk till you can't smell

--- Brent hooked me up with a beer... Lexi from PitsBurg is in a Band and likes strippers. She don't think much of this one but she dug the balck guy and gal tandom dance thing.