Amount of workers unions had doubled and they were fighting amongs themselves. One of the classical examples those everyone knew around there was that building had burned down because two groups of firemen had started fighting about which one shall put the fire down. Anyway, as the dream started, I was in a trailer camp, and there was again a large battle going on for some stupid thing.. I dont know what I did there, but somehow my fingernail broke. Thats not normally such a big problem, but my thumbnail was split into two pieces, and the head of my thumb was split as well! There wasnt any blood or bones, as the crack between the pieces of my thumb looked like split wax model. It still hurt, and I was horrified by noticing that I had had a round empty space under the nail for my lifetime. I knew I'd have to keep the pieces together so they wont grow separated, so I demanded tape from someone who just happened to be nearby. He was serbian and didnt understand finnish, but I managed to somehow explain what I needed. He had an almost empty roll of electric tape, and I rolled it around my thumb to hold it together. My nail pieces werent connected straight yet, so I asked if he had more tape. He didnt, so I headed through the field of people fighting with everything from baseball bats and fistcuffs to swords and axes to my equipment box. It was like a long toolbox with leather insides, but when I didnt find any tape withing the tools, I pulled the skin off my healthy hand like it would be a glove, revealing my shiny mechanical skeleton. I struck my fingers into holes on the leather surface and pulled it off to look under it, not caring about the light vulcan cannon I had integrated to my arm. I didnt find any from there either, so I shouted to fighting people if they had tape, but naturally they didnt pay attention. I sweared at them and shot a long burst across the area, killing several of them and getting rest of them to stop their fighting and drop on their knees with hands behind their heads for surrendering. I shouted at them and DEMANDED to know if they had any tape, but when after a long silence one of them said that no one had, I was so pissed that I shot them all. I dropped the empty gun and walked straight into some fine restaurant, shouting if they had tape, but everyone was just scared of me so I walked on to find some myself. As I was entering the kitchen, one of the waiters rushed to stop me, but I hit him into stomach and threw him against a table that chrashed from his weight. Behind the doors a cook came to stop me, but he had seen what I did so he stood aside peacefully. Another cook in the kitchen tried to attack me with frying pan, so I beated him to the ground and continued to a staircase on the other side of the kitchen. Stairs led to a perfectly cube-shaped room that was painted all blue, and in the middle of it was a dimensional gate a la town portal from Diablo. I looked at my thumb, and it seemed to hold together somewhat, but I still kept the tape around it and stepped into the portal. It got me to a small temple at some alien planet with red sand and cliffs around the small opening. I stepped outside, and another traveler came from the portal. It was a large dark armored figure with glowing sharp-edged wings on his back, and he introduced himself as an arch-angel that has come to destroy me. He wielded two swords, which both had two blades separating from the handle. To make the match fair, he tossed me a normal sword, and I because my thumb would most likely hold on, I accepted the challenge, and woke up..