Noticed people looking a bit more scraggly than usual? Is that guy in the office around the corner starting to resemble Grizzly Adams? Don't worry, it's not a sign of people tightening their belts because of the faltering economy, it's the very best time of the year: No-shave November! It's the month where mankind can free ourselves from the tyrrany of the razor and social conventions and let ourselves grow into our natural state. It need not apply to men only: "Nay!" cry the follicle gods "Women too can participate and let the men enjoy their axillaries and furry calves!"

College campuses have already embraced this, the most noble of months, as their own and young men across the nation and indeed around the world have dropped their steel and devoted themselves to the cultivation of patchy, incomplete beards for the next thirty days. But wait, there's more! The Novembeard can survive far past its incubation and well into Don't Shave December, Just Not Shavin' January, Fuck Shaving February, Manly March, and Androgen April as well as beginning development in Stubbly September and Occam's October.

So put down your Gillette, your straight razor, or your dilapatory creams and raise three cheers for the Season of Shag!