Courtney finally called me. She's only been unreachable for what seems like months now. Told me she was leaving home and going to live with her boyfriend's sister & husband. She called a couple of times while I was out.. but I wasn't home. How could I know where to call her back? If she had left home, I didn't want to talk to her mother. If she wasn't at her boyfriend's, I definitely didn't want to talk to the sister. Dear god no.
Turns out she and Sheldon found their own place. I was so angry - she's still in high school, and though I'm only about four months older, I still felt like lecturing her. At least she's doing well; they seem to be getting along better now that they're away from parents, and the parents themselves are apparently much nicer now that they don't have to put up with their offspring all day long.
I'm glad they've left Sheldon's sister's place - it was so dirty there, the one time James and I visited, we were physically unable to stay the night. We had to call my mom at like three in the morning, wake her up, and beg her to bring us home, it was that bad.

The unfortunate thing about people like that is when they refuse to acknowledge that their home is a smelly, sticky, mildewy, hairy, bug haven. Gross.
Not only did these people fail to acknowledge their disgusting environment; they didn't even seem to notice. Courtney cleaned the house once, and the very next day it had returned to its former squalor. Not to mention Sheldon's sister had a fit because Courtney had had the impudence to point out dirt in her home.
I can't say it enough. Yuk.

Five days till Halloween.
I planned to be Pimpette, but it looks as if I may be forced into something else.
I have everything except the most important piece: the modified santa coat. I've got the boots, fishnets, excessive jewellery, blonde hair(though not long anymore, dammit)... and I'm working on finishing my Turkish.

I'm very proud of myself for this webcomic. I set myself a twice-weekly schedule and I haven't missed a day yet. Even though this week's Monday strip will be a piece of crap, I dun care. I didn't know exactly how to get Niche and Jon back to the club and make a joke at the same time, so I scribbled some shit about cops and ninjas. I don't think I have enough fans at this point in time for it to matter very much, but if I ever do then my scribbles had better be funny.

Oh well.
Time to go bug some friends to let me tag along Halloween night.