Well, I finally started getting around to taking some more silly computer certifications. Word is at the college that I'll be teaching the Windows 2000 track next semester, and I was told to begin assembling the certification for it.

On Friday I ran through the Windows 2000 Pro exam, pulled a 1000 on it. Since I've been teaching some of it during lab sessions, it was relatively easy. Picked up a couple of Troytech cram books, there were 13 verbatim questions on the test. If you're gonna get certified, I suggest you at least peruse them.

Got word that my Network+ certification results will not be out until January '02, which puts a kink in my test fee reimbursement schedule. I suggest you avoid taking any CompTIA beta exams, even if they're cheaper. Getting an immediate feedback (You Passed/You Failed) is worth the extra money.

Had a long talk with my oldest daughter about smooching boys and hiding things from me. Yup, the thing all Dads dread most - his little girl has gone boy-crazy. Pray for me, I'll need the strength.