When writing documentation for UK English, make sure you switch dictionaries in Word or your favourite word processing program.

Several items that can confuse American English users when writing a UK English paper are:

  • You will find that most of the words that have a Z in them have changed it to an S.

    1. Capitalize = Capitalise

    2. Analyze = Analyse

  • A few words have "extra" letters:

    1. Color = Colour

    2. Flavor = Flavour

  • Some words change their spelling:

    1. Program = Programme

    2. Theater = Theatre

    3. Shop can be Shoppe

      gkAndy says: When talking about computer programs, UK English uses 'program' too. Programme is used for TV, radio, football etc. Thanks!

    If you switch dictionaries in your word processor, it should flag all of the "americanized" words for you.